Dove 2-Step Treatment + Dove Products I Love

I have so many Dove products in my bathroom that I can be mistaken as an endorser of the brand. How I wish! lol 

Let me start with Dove 2-Step Treatment. I was hesitant to use it at first for fear that it will make my scalp oily but since I have been changing hair color every two to three months, I decided to open the tubes to pamper my hair. 

Dove Step 1: Helps Replenish Protein 15ml

It's one decision that my hair will have to thank me forever ; p Using it made my hair feels so soft to touch, manageable and easy to style. Most importantly, it didn't make my scalp oily.

Step 1: with Fiber-Actives

Fiber-Actives penetrates into hair core to help replenish protein.

To use:

  • After shampoo, squeeze onto palm desired amount of product depending on length of hair
  • Apply onto hair (distribute evenly)
  • Massage
  • Rinse off after 3 minutes
  • Towel dry

to open: twist-off nozzle

My hair is short and I don't have a thick hair so I don't need a lot of product on my hair.  With my hair length, I was able to use Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair 2-Step Treatment for a week. 

Step 2: Locks in Repair 5ml

This second step is a no rinse, non-greasy formula.

To use:

  • Apply on towel-dried hair
  • Use more product on longer hair
  • Avoid roots
  • Do not rinse
  • Style as usual

 repairs 2x better

Dove 2-Step Treatment outperforms regular treatments. Step 1 has sunflower seed oil in the list of ingredients while Step 2 lists Squalene in its ingredients. For progressive result, complete 4 weekly application. The pamphlet found in the packaging says that this is better than Dove Treatment Masks.

To save unused product:

  • Use the other end of the nozzle
  • Reinsert it back into the tip of the tube to seal the product in

Dove Intensive Repair 2-Step Treatment is only PhP192.

Dove Moisturizing Shampoo for dry/damaged hair

I got this giant bottle of New Dove Moisturizing Shampoo for dry/damaged hair from my SIL's stash.

I wonder how long ca this bottle last. I have been using this as my main shampoo for less than a month. I was using Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment before this.

Why I like Dove Moisturizing Shampoo:

  • Doesn't itch my scalp 
  • Does not cause dandruff 
  • Doesn't have strong smell

What I don't like is that I always have to follow it up with The Face Shop's Jewel Therapy Nutritive Mask. That or Dove 2-Step Treatment because my hair clumps whenever I use the shampoo alone.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar & Dove Extra Sensitive Bar

Thanks to BridgesPR, I have a lot of Dove soaps inside my cabinet to last me for the rest of the year. Anyway, I was suffering from back acne late last year and my dermatologist, Dr. Eleonor Letran of Cardinal Santos Hospital, recommended the use of Dove soap. That got me started to collect soaps along with Dove soap cases. So far, I have two soap cases as shown in the photo above.

Dove Nutri-Oil Serum 40ml PhP239

After using up Dove 2-Step Treatment, I will resume my use of Dove Nutri-Oil Serum to tame my hair.

For other Dove Damage  products that I love, visit here.

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