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July 4, 2012

Mad for Chicken New York
G/F Tower 2 Rockwell Business Center
Ortigas Ave., Pasig City

After Chicken Charlie and Bonchon Chicken, it seems to me that the craze for twice-fried chicken does not end there because there's a new player clucking in town specifically in Rockwell Business Center - Clucky's! 

Clucky's Drum Meal 1pc. - PhP 79 / 2pcs. - PhP 139

When the young owners of Clucky's invited me over, I know just the right person to bring - my dad! He is crazy about chicken making him a better judge than me ; p

How did Clucky's Mad for Chicken fair? Read after the break...

12 oz. soda / iced tea is included in every meal

House Salad - PhP119

The fruits on top of Clucky's House Salad vary from day to day. On the day we visited, pomelo and melons were available. Up until that day, I didn't know these two fruits taste good together. What made this salad a favorite of mine is its sauce - sesame ginger. For  only PhP 119, I highly recommend it!

Spicy Crabmeat Salad (PhP159) & Chicken Tenders Salad (PhP149) are also available.

Combo Medium ( 8 wings + 4 drums) PhP 449

Benefit of twice-fried chicken:

  • reduces significant amount of fat from chicken
  • Trans Fat Free
  • less greasy
  • crispier

Clucky's Chicken is always FRESH, never frozen. You can check this by looking at the bone of your chicken. If the bone is dark, the chicken has been frozen. 

You can choose from Soy Garlic or Spicy flavor. My personal pick is spicy flavored chicken dipped in homemade mustard while dad said his favorite was soy garlic chicken. I think you should come to Pasig to find out which is better lol 

Clucky's takes its chicken formula from Mad for Chicken New York. It's twice-fried so all you can taste is crispy yet non-greasy chicken!

Bulgogi Meal PhP 149

Aside from the salad, Bulgogi Rice Topping is another favorite. The beef is very tender. The sauce is just right. It's a complete meal in itself!

Other items on the menu:

Tenders 6pcs. PhP 199

Kimchi Meal PhP 149

Parmesan Fries (small) PhP49

Parmesan Fries is also available in large size at only PhP 79.

Clucky's available to go!

I was also able to try their homemade gelato, it's really, really good! There were several flavors available but I have only tasted Mango and Oreo Cheesecake. Sad, I was not able to take a photo ; ( On the bright side, I can always go back ; p

Clucky's Chicken Burger Meal promo is valid until July 31, 2012. Please read the terms & conditions below.

Snack Time at Clucky's

see you at Clucky's

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