Home Improvement: Repotting Indoor Plants (Sansevieria)

I have not been online these past few days because I have been busy with my on and off hobby - repotting of indoor plants. I said on and off because I often neglected what I have started. Yeah, I'm that bad at taking care of our plants.

Anyway, these Sansevieria that you see here are actually the plants I have bought in 2010. See photo here to see how slowly they grow. Anyway, the plants were over-watered and my SIL who has a green thumb took these under her care. Now that it is healthy, I have repotted it and placed it in our living room.

this is the finish output of my indoor plant - Sansevieria

Ok, I am no feng shui expert but when I researched online about Sansevieria, I found this:

Some believe that having Sansevieria near children helps reduce coarseness, while others recommend placing pots near that toilet tank to counter the drain-down vibrations. 

Sansevieria is a very good choice for indoor plant because it thrives on warmth and bright light but it will also grow in the shaded part of your home. 

  • Do not over-water Sansevieria, it will rot
  • Sansevieria needs to be repotted or split at the root from time to time because it can grow so large that they break the pot they are growing - SOURCE

this is the old pot of my SIL

Here's what you need for repotting indoor plant:

decorative pot & hand garden tool (trowel)

all-purpose potting mix

I use Green 2000 Garden Center Buhaghag all-purpose potting mix for most of my repotted plants. I said most because I bought another brand called Enrico Ready-to-use Soilless Potting Mix for all the herbs that I repotted. 

I bought Enrico Ready-to-use Soilless Potting Mix (6 liters) PhP 74.75 from Ace Hardware in Greenhills Shopping Center. The all-purpose potting mix was from my SIL.

 Step 1: Loosen the soil until you see the roots

Step 2: Carefully pull the plants straight up 

 remaining soil can be used for repotting plants

 Tip: Make sure pots have drainage holes 

 Step 3: Fill the pot with soil (1/4)

Step 4: Arrange the plant in the pot

After arranging the plants, you can put more soil in the pot.

The pictures below are just some of the plants that I have repotted:

This is called Welcome plant

my flowering cactus ; p

another type of Sansevieria

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