Sunday Affair at Cafe Breton

Cafe Breton
Scout De Guia cor. Tomas Morato Ave.,
Quezon City

These past few weeks, I have been sickly therefore I was not in the mood to go even to the nearest mall, Robinsons Magnolia ; (

To cheer me up, my family and I went to a happy place, Cafe Breton. For two consecutive Sundays, we were there in the afternoon having our favorite crepe and coffee!

Original Sin PhP 260

During our first visit, I ordered Original Sin - stewed apples, caramel ice cream, caramel syrup, walnuts and whipped cream. Yes, it's truly a sinful dessert!

On our second visit, I saw Normandie under Dessert Crepes. It is Original Sin minus walnuts, it cost PhP 232 only. Other variety of stewed apple crepes are Adam & Eve (PhP 148), Eden (PhP155) and Lost Paradise (PhP185).

Adam & Eve - stewed apples with cinnamon & vanilla ice cream
Eden - stewed apples with cinnamon & fresh cream, topped with whipped cream
Lost Paradise - stewed apples with cinnamon, vanilla ice cream, raisins  marinated in rum

Read the rest of what we ordered after the break....

Galette Rustique PhP 200

Not fond of dessert crepes? Try ordering what my DB ordered - Galette Rustique. It has smoked bacon, tomato provencal, mozarella and egg (sunny side up).

La Pinay PhP 180

A trip to Cafe Breton is not complete without an order of La Pinay so my dad ordered one ; ) La Pinay crepe is mango, vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

Double Cappuccino PhP 115

My mom ordered a cup of double cappuccino. She shared an order with my dad. She liked how it tasted, too bad, it does not come with free refills ; p

The following were the crepes we ordered on our second visit:

Hawaii Five O PhP 232

Guess whose order this is? Yes, you are right, it's my DB. Hawaii Five O consists of ham , mozzarella, pineapple, onion and mushroom. You have to pay a little extra for the scrambled egg on top!

Dad's DIY crepe 

Trying to be bold and different, my dad ordered a crepe (PhP 45) with his own choice of filling and topping. 

Filling -  Peach Halves PhP 62.50
Topping - Blueberry Special Ice Cream PhP 55

We all gave our nod to blueberry ice cream. I hope to order one for myself if I am well enough to eat ice cream ; p

Excalibur PhP 215

My mom is trying to be healthy with her order - Excalibur. It has ham, Emmental cheese (Swiss cheese with many holes in it), fresh cream asparagus spears sauteed with onions & mushrooms. By far the cheesiest crepe I have ever tasted!

Butter & Sugar PhP 88

I tried ordering the most basic crepe on the menu - Butter & Sugar. Dad cringed at the thought of having to eat plain crepe with just sugar on top ; p I could not finish the entire order. My dad was right, it was too sweet.

Nonetheless, we left the place with happy tummies on both occasions. I want to go back soon!

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