Yoogane opens in Manila!

September 30, 2012

Il Terrazzo
Quezon City

Last Sunday, my family and I went to Yoogane in Il Terrazzo after spending an afternoon window shopping in Trinoma ; p Alright, you caught me lying hahaha I bought 2 blouses. Yes, only two! I am not a shopaholic lol

Korean BBQ exhaust nozzle with flexible duct system in Yoogane

Yoogane originated in Korea. Too bad, DH and I were not able to eat there when we visited Seoul last December 2011 that's why I could not make a comparison in terms of ambiance & quality of food.

Find out what we ordered after the break...

Korean side dishes / appetizers are called banchan

As soon as we were comfortably seated in one of the couches, three appetizers namely pickled radish, soybean sprout and kimchi were served to us.

Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice PhP 210

Although, the waitress told us that each order is only good for one person, my parents and brother were able to share an order of Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice .

I ordered an extra cup of white rice (PhP 40) for me and my sister because we both have ulcers and could not tolerate spicy food at the moment.

  Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice stir-fried in front of us

The fried rice looks like it needed more ingredients, noh?!  I should have ordered at least 2-3 add-ons like Mozzarella Cheese (PhP 80), Golden Mushrooms (PhP 80) and Sweet Potato Slice (PhP 70).

Anyway, for those who have tried, kindly let me know which ones are best paired with Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice so I can order it on my next visit ; p

Other extras available are Mozzarella Stuffed Dokboki (PhP 90), Dokboki (PhP 70), Udon Noodle (PhP 90), Potato Noodle (PhP 90), Ramen Noodle (PhP 70), Chicken Galbi Rice (PhP 70) and White Rice (PhP40). 

  Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice

Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice contains slices of onion leeks and chicken marinated with Yoogane's secret recipes since 1981. No oil was used in preparing this dish.

 Korean Style Seafood Pancake PhP 165

We all agreed that Korean Style Seafood Pancake was delicious! It is a healthy choice because aside from bits of shrimps and squids, this dish is filled with vegetables. I would have dipped it in the accompanying sauce but it has vinegar in it.

  Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi PhP 210

When this order was served, I realized that three out of five dishes we ordered contains marinated chicken galbi. I should have ordered Sliced Pork Belly instead.

Beef Bulgogi PhP 220

Beef Bulgogi was served on a grilled plate. It is one of the few dishes in Yoogane that is not spicy. It's a bit sweet because of the white onion,  I guess.

Yoogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi and Assorted Seafood PhP 240

Assorted Seafood actually contains just a piece of shrimp and squid ; p This is the third dish with marinated chicken galbi... ack! This dish was stir-fried in butter ; (

   Yakult for FREE

Alright, so after indulging in spicy food, we were served with a bottle of Yakult each. I was just telling my parents that we have to drink milk right after our meal. I totally forgot that they serve complimentary Yakult. At least my stomach didn't hurt that night ; )

The waitstaff were all efficient. I just hope that Yoogane could come out with a few more dishes on the menu for variety.

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