I Heart Charm Essentials Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush + Other Makeup Brush

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I seldom see Sophie Uy, the blogger behind http://beautynomics.com. But when I see her, she would usually hand over her newest beauty product. So, when I saw her during Shiseido's Makeup Workshop last September, she gave me not just one but two new brushes from her Charm Essentials Collection.

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It was Sophie who introduced me to makeup brushes. Before that, I used my fingers to blend makeup (eyeshadow, bb cream) on my face. I still used my fingers sometimes - old habits die hard ; p But there are several Charm brushes that became essential to my makeup kit - Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush, Powder Brush and Crease Blending Brush are just some of them. The last two brushes that I have mentioned are part of the Vegan Makeup Brush Collection.

You can view the makeup brushes after the break. I have also included Charm's newest baby - Retractable Powder Brush. It's handy, versatile and a perfect travel companion!

Charm Essentials Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush PhP 650

What is a kabuki brush?

A kabuki brush is a makeup brush with a short flat head and a short stem. The brush head is usually rounded or flat, with a curved edge. - SOURCE

Charm Essentials Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush's ultra lush bristles PhP 650

Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush is my favorite among the batch of brushes that you see here because:

  • It feels like velvet on the skin - true to what it claims! Just when I thought that Vegan Makeup Brush Collection has the softest brush, here comes Angles Kabuki Buffer Brush!
  • Angled shaped - can reach the sides of the nose 
  • Multipurpose - great for contouring and also applying powder / foundation (mineral, liquid and powder)

Charm Essentials Retractable Powder Brush PhP 500

Sophie introduced its very first retractable brush five years ago. Today, a new and improved Charm Retractable Powder Brush is encapsulated in a chic, hot pink retractable container.

new and improved Charm Retractable Powder Brush

It's so tiny, it can fit in the palm of my hand ; ) It can fit in your purse so you have no excuse not to look great anytime, anywhere!

lush, vegan bristles of new and improved Charm Retractable Powder Brush

What are vegan bristles?

It means that no animals were harmed in the process of making the makeup brush. It's synthetic - not one animal hair was used. It's hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin ; )
Charm Essentials Retractable Powder Brush PhP 500

Charm Essentials Retractable Powder Brush is small and compact but the lush vegan bristles are still dense. Smaller in circumference but, yeah, it still does its job! It has impressive product pick up and can work one facial feature at a time, isn't it an awesome brush?!

side by side: Charm Full-sized Powder Brush PhP 399 & Charm Retractable Powder Brush PhP 500

Since this retractable powder brush is also from the Vegan Makeup Brush Collection,  I compared it to a full-sized Charm Essentials Powder Brush. 

The circumference is slightly smaller than the full-sized brush. The retractable powder brush is definitely a keeper! Looking at the photo above, it seems like the retractable powder brush is denser than the full-sized one. Of course, you must take into consideration that I had the full-sized one since December 2011. Yes, it has been used and abused ; p

make up brush heads: Charm Full-sized Powder Brush PhP 399 & Charm Retractable Powder Brush PhP 500

 The bristles of the retractable powder brush are slightly shorter than the full-sized one on the left.

compare and contrast: Charm Full-sized Powder Brush PhP 399 (top) Charm Retractable Powder Brush PhP 500 (bottom)

What did I tell you?  It's tiny! Charm Retractable Powder Brush is half the size of the full-sized Powder Brush but works hard like the full-sized brush. I won't even think twice in bringing the retractable powder brush on my next getaway!

Charm Essentials Vegan Makeup Collection - Crease Blending Brush PhP 275 & Powder Brush PhP 399

Along with the Powder Brush, I also got this Crease Blending Blush from Sophie last Christmas. These are two of the brushes that I use when I apply makeup. If you only had to get two basic brushes for your makeup kit, I highly recommend you get these two brushes. These are very useful tool and can do most of the other brushes' job.

Charm Essentials Crease Blending Brush PhP 275

Crease Blending Brush:

  • Defines and contours your crease
  • Blends eyeshadow into a seamless gradient
You can buy a 14 piece full-sized Charm Essentials Vegan Makeup Brushes for only PhP 2,500 only! Available online at http://beautyandminerals.multiply.com/

Charm Essentials makeup brushes are made from a special, premium grade of animal-friendly, vegan hair. Each brush is designed to have the right density and firmness to ensure efficient makeup application, and ultimately a beautiful, flawless finish!

 How to clean your Charm Makeup Brushes:

  1. Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm runing water
  2. Apply a small amount of shampoo / baby wash to bristles and work into a light lather
  3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water until water becmes clear
  4. Squeeze off excess water then lay the brushes flat to dry (not standing up)
  5. Leave in a well-ventilated place to dry

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You can also view my Charm Travel Pro v3 here. Till my next makeup brush review ; ) Have a happy weekend!

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