Spending Happy Time With BPI

Since we met way back in college, Cats, Gevi and I became very good friends. We are so close that we treat each other like sisters… ok, more like we’re triplets hahaha We used to dress alike when we were still in school. By the way, we still do that from time to time ; p

  (left to right) Gevi, me and Cats

After college, we still kept in touch and spent some precious time together. Every now and then, we travel together. Cats and I have traveled to Taiwan and Singapore while Gevi and I recently bonded in Boracay.

Want to know more about how we spend our happy times together? Read after the break…

  (left to right) Cats, Eric and Wilson in one of the Korean Restaurants in Quezon City

We like going to karaoke bar to sing our hearts out. And since Cats celebrated her birthday recently, I sent out a fun videoke invite using BPI FaceBook App so we can spend some quality time together, yes, just the five of us!

We value our friendship. We build our relationship by making new memories!

Using the BPI app is so easy, below is a step by step guide:

  view sample here
Step 1: Personalized the lyrics

Click on the highlighted boxes and fill in the blanks. The words don’t have to rhyme. Whatever’s in your heart, just type it!

This is how the app will look like after you are done with the lyrics.

After previewing your videoke invite, you can Go Back & Edit or click Next to send out your invites to your friends.

Step 2: Send

Email it to your special someone, family or barkada.

  You will be receiving this message after you click send

Step 3: Bond

Spend some happy time with them as planned.

You can view my very own Spend Happy-Together Time videoke here. You, too, can make your own videoke invite by using the BPI Facebook App here. It’s a fun app on Facebook that allows you to creatively invite the people you want to spend meaningful time with.

With so many ways to spend time together, BPI Credit Cards makes it easy to build relationships with people who are important to you.

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