Dine at Lugang Cafe and Get 50% off with Metrobank

December 12, 2012

Lugang Cafe
The Block, SM North EDSA
Pag-Asa 1, Quezon City

While shopping in Uniqlo and Forever 21, I spotted a crowd near Lugang Cafe. I saw a promo signage that says you get a 50% off your bill with a Metrobank Plantinum Mastercard or Metrobank World Mastercard. Now, I have three different credit cards but none of them is a Metrobank Mastercard...boo!

 Lugang cafe 50% off promo by Metrobank

Just the same, my parents and I waited to be seated. In less than a few minutes, we were ushered to our seats. I recognized the head waiter from Crystal Jade Greenhills ; p 

Anyway, before we came in, I saw a "soft opening" sign posted near the entrance. I already prepared myself for longer serving and waiting time for our food.

For our orders, read after the break...

 Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (8pcs.) PhP 228

Don't leave Lugang cafe without ordering the famed Xiao Long Bao. I chose Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao. You can also opt for Steamed Crab Roe & Pork Xiao Long Bao, Steamed Red Bean Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Angled Loofah with Shrimps Xiao Long Bao.

How to eat xiao long bao:

  1. Carefully scoop a piece of xiao long bao from the basket with Chinese soup spoon
  2. Bite into the wonton wrapper
  3. Slurp the hot soup inside xiao long bao
  4. Add black vinegar
  5. Eat xiao long bao

It was oh so tasty and piping hot so be very careful!

 Glutinous Rice with Stewed Pork Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves PhP 120

An order of Glutinous Rice with Stewed Pork Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves is a meal in itself. It has a lot of pork cutlets within the glutinous rice. No need for dipping sauce on the side.

 Sate Beef with Spinach PhP 380

I wanted beef and my mom wanted vegetables, in the end, we agreed to order Sate Beef with Spinach. It was well worth it than ordering separate dishes for vegetable and beef. 

Btw, this order was presented exactly like the one pictured on the menu. *clap clap*

 Taro Tapioca and Condensed Milk on Shaved Ice PhP 180

All three of us were not impressed with Lugang's dessert called Taro Tapioca and Condensed Milk on Shaved Ice. The Taro on top is not the real thing, it tasted like jelly. And it was nothing special, a total waste of PhP 180 ; (

I think I was not impressed either when I tried their Bellagio Breeze during my first visit in Lugang Cafe's other branch in Greenhills

Looks like there will be no room for dessert on my next visit ; p

Metrobank Lugang 50% off promo is now extended and valid on January 2-16, 2013 in the following branches: Greenhills, SM MOA and The Block SM North EDSA.

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