Cyma Mystery Diner for a Day!

January 19, 2013

Cyma Mystery Diner
Trinoma Branch

I was reluctant at first when I received an SMS from a representative of Cyma restaurant asking if I could be their Mystery Diner for a day. I asked myself "Is this some kind of a scam?", "A joke?" What?! Ok, that's what most people would ask, right? What does a Mystery Diner do?

 Watermelon & Lamb Salad (To Share PhP 630)

Fresh watermelon and grilled lamb with feta cheese, black olives, sunflower seeds and fresh mint served with Cyma's Summer Herb vinaigrette

After a few SMS exchanges, I found out that it's so simple. When chosen, you and whoever you are bringing, get to eat for free and in return, you have to answer a Mystery Diner feedback form, email it back to the company and that's about it.

There's a guideline on which category (salad, appetizer, main course-new!, dessert and drink) you should order but you are free to choose whatever is under that category. For example, under salad, DH and I chose Watermelon & Lamb Salad. It's our all-time favorite so the choice is a no-brainer ; p

 For other orders, read after the break....

Melitzanosalata PhP 130 

Freshly roasted eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, fresh lemon and EVOO

We usually skip appetizers but since we have to order one, we ordered Melitzanosalata. Not bad, only there is more pita bread than the dip.

 Pulled Lamb and Arugula Sandwich PhP 425

Carved, slow-roasted and pulled lamb brisket leg served in a crusty baguette with arugula and Greek potatoes

By the time Pulled Lamb and Arugula Sandwich was served, I was already full ; p I think I ate more than half of the salad hahaha The Arugula gave the sandwich a fresh, new taste. Without it, it tasted just like an ordinary Roast beef sandwich.

 Steak Souvlaki PhP 495

 Skewered with fresh vegetables served with parsely salad and yogurt garlic sauce

 The steak was a bit chewy but I like how it tasted... not too salty!

 Galaktoboureko PhP 190

Creamy semolina custard in phyllo with orange and lemon zest syrup

Who can resist Cyma's desserts? Not me! We chose Galaktoboureko. I love the sauce and the custard filling. It reminded me of the pudding I ate in Kobe, Japan... yummy!

More food posts coming up and I will also post more about my Japan trip!


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