Valentine's Day Celebration at Luxent Hotel Garden Cafe

February 8, 2013

Luxent Hotel
Garden Cafe
51 Timog Ave.,
South Triangle, Quezon City 1103

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

My friends and I were able to buy Luxent Hotel's Eat-All-You-Can Buffet and Drinks for only PhP 599 instead of PhP 999 from MetroDeal. The voucher is not valid on February 14 to 16 (Valentine's Weekend) so use it last Friday instead. Based on my previous experience, traffic would be terrible if we celebrate it on the day itself anyway.

 here piggy, piggy!

There's only four stations - Lechon, Japanese, BBQ Grill and Dessert. Well, five, if you count the ice cream fridge located at the farthest side of the room near the entrance. 

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I categorized the following photos under Lechon Station because these dishes shared the same table ; p

 dumpling, siomai and siopao inside the steamer

Siopao was good ha There was not so much fat inside. I ate it even without hoisin sauce.

 different dishes situated next to lechon

All dishes are neatly placed in a chafing dish. I think there were 8 kinds in total including rice and noodle.

 Buttered Prawn

 Kare-Kare (beef)

The beef was a bit tough to chew on. Kulang pa sa kulo para lumambot ; p



Let's move on to the Japanese Station.... 

 Shrimp Tempura

 cold soba, edamame and pomelo salad

 sushi and sashimi boat

 Unaji and Kani Temaki

I ate two Unaji Temaki that night ; p

 Tempura Roll
The waiters are constantly refilling the stations and the empty chafing dishes.

 Fruits and Desserts Station

The selection for desserts were few compared other hotel buffets but most tasted good.


 chocolate eclair which was not so yummy according to my friend who tasted it ; (

Fruit Tart


 Vegetable Salad

 Chicken Inasal available at the Grilling Station

What's on my plate:

 (clockwise from left): Kare-Kare, Soft Shell Crab, Asado Siopao and Buttered Shrimp

This is actually my second plate, my first plate consisted of mostly maki and tempura ; p I was not able to eat salmon because I ate a lot of soft shell crab. So saraaap!

 Big Scoop Ice Cream in Vanilla, Ube, Strawberry and my favorite of them all, Avocado!

 Fresh Fruits in Season- Watermelon and Melon ; Pineapple is also available (not in the photo)

 my foodie friends

The restaurant is quite small compared to other hotels but it was not crowded so I felt relaxed all throughout our meal. Waiters/ waitresses were attentive, they were constantly refilling our drinks which included soft drink, iced tea, hot tea and coffee. Oh, you can request for warm milk for your coffee too!

I love spending time with my friends. I hope to continue this tradition every year ; ) Thanks Gevi for always finding the best deal in town ; p Uhm, no thanks to my constant craving for food, I am now 15 pounds overweight hahaha

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