April Beauty Must-Have

Here's this month's installment of Beauty Must-Have! I included products that helps take care of my
eyes and also products that ensures a good night sleep ; )

 (foreground left to right) Opti-Free Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, Obagi System Professional-C Serum 15%, Multi Clean Eyeglass Cleaner, Giga Lavender Room Linen Spray, Sonya's Rose Water, L'Oreal Studio Dirty Clean Texturing Paste Day After Shampooing Effect (Strong Hold)

(background left to right) Closeup Fire-Freeze, TRESemme Smooth & Shine shampoo, conditioner and mask, Lemon Grove Nourishing Fine Fragranced Luxury Hand Lotion and Luxury Hand Wash

To read a more detailed description of the products, read after the break...

TRESemme Smooth & Shine shampoo, conditioner and mask

I am afraid that my hair will be dry and frizzy after swimming for two consecutive days. To be safe, I brought along TRESemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Pack with me during our trip to Tagaytay Highlands last week. 

I <3 it! My hair didn't feel dry even after swimming for hours under the sun! When I got back home from vacation, I added TRESemme mask to my routine to get the most benefit for my hair. 

Did I tell you that the set smells like a salon professional shampoo?

L'Oreal Studio Dirty Clean Texturing Paste Day After Shampooing Effect (Strong Hold)

Curled my hair? Done that. Cut it bob? Done that too. Now, I am sporting a pixie cut. The only product that I use for all three hair cuts is L'Oreal Dirty Clean Texturing Paste Say After Shampooing Effect. 

There's only a little left in the jar so I hope salons still carry this variant. Good luck to me!

Obagi System Professional-C Serum 15%

This is my second bottle of Obagi System Professional-C Serum. I shared the first bottle with my mom and she loves it too! 

To read my full review of this product, read here.

Lemon Grove Nourishing Fine Fragranced Luxury Hand Lotion and Luxury Hand Wash

I received this set of hand lotion and hand wash as a gift from a friend of ours. Now that we have a baby in the house, I often wash my hands. I don't use the lotion as much though because I am a hands on mom; )

This set smells so good. If you like lemon scent then this set is definitely for you. I think you can purchase this in Beauty Bar.

Opti-Free Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution

I use Opti-Free for all my contact lenses. I think this is a new variant that was introduced to me. I like it because it does not dry my eyes, even hours after used. My eyes do not feel itchy too. A bit pricey as compared to other brand. For my eyes, I only buy from a trusted brand.

Multi Clean Eyeglass Cleaner

My SIL gave a huge bottle of Multi Clean Eyeglass Cleaner. It came with this travel-sized bottle that I bring with me every time I am out and wearing my eyeglasses. What more can I say, it cleans my multi-coated lens very well.
Closeup Fire-Freeze 

I alternate between Colgate and Closeup. Right now, I discovered Closeup Fire-Freeze. It's minty cool. I love it!

Sonya's Rose Water

I bought this bottle of Sonya's Rose Water several years back. The scent is still there. I used this for emergency, when there's no water available. It's like an alcohol only it smells like rose. This rose water also acts as room/linen spray, can be used as simmering potpourri and when you refrigerate this bottle, you can spritz it on your face so you can feel refreshed after gym or any sports activity

Giga Lavender Room Linen Spray

Don't you love the scent of lavender? I do! I use this as a room spray. I spritz it right before I sleep. It definitely gives me a good night sleep.

There you go! Can't wait to share with you May's Beauty Must-Have! Happy a great weekend!

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