Updated! Dessert at Elias in Robinsons Magnolia

April 12, 2013

Elias by Crisostomo
UG/F Robinsons Magnolia

After our late dinner at Conti's Bakery and Restaurant, my friends and I walked towards Magnolia Flavor House only to find a long queue outside the ice cream house. We want to have dessert and we wanted it fast, without the hassle of waiting. We settled for Elias instead which in my opinion, did not disappoint.

 Guinumis PhP 85

Two of my friends ordered Guinumis, a traditional Filipino dessert. It has sago at the bottom, pinipig on top and crushed ice in between. I will definitely order this next time I visit Elias. It looks so refreshing!

A photo of Halo-halo ni Elias can be found right after the break...

 Halo-halo ni Elias PhP 125

This is one dessert that is sooo sulit! I love the use of grated cheese on top together with banana chips, ube, cherry and macapuno, but that's not all! There is also sago, gulaman, leche flan and beans at the bottom.

Halo-halo ni Elias is perfect for this hot summer season!


I will definitely bring my parents and DH over for some dessert! Have you tried Elias? What is your favorite Filipino dessert?


Yesterday, I was back at Elias. I brought my parents with me to let them try Halo Halo ni Elias and I, guinumis! My verdict, I <3 it!

Elias' Guinumis has a lot of tapioca pearls, coconut milk and pinipig on top. It was definitely one of my favorite summer coolers!

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