Kabila Filipino Bistro/ Museum (M) Cafe Crossover in Greenbelt 4

April 8, 2013

Kabila Filipino Bistro/Museum Cafe
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 4
Ayala Center, Makati City
3914197   7573000   7576000

There is a new Filipino restaurant in Makati called Kabila Filipino Bistro. It is the newest addition to the growing number of restaurants brought to you by Raintree Restaurants. It is located next door of Museum Cafe hence, the name Kabila. You can cross-order between these two restaurants just like what my friends and I did.

Slow-Grilled Gindara (300g) PhP 350

On Charcoal with a Sweet Soy Calamansi Glazed served with Pickled Green Mango

Nice presentation, equally good in taste! Not typically served in Filipino restaurants, Kabila's version of Gindara matches the Filipino taste. I highly recommend it!

For other dishes, read after the break...

Watermelon + Cucumber PhP 165

Watermelon and cucumber fruit shake is a truly refreshing drink this summer. I can hardly wait to make one at home!

Fresh Lumpia 'sa Kabila" PhP 275

Fresh Ubod, Shrimp + Pork Mince, Sweet Garlic Sauce, Fresh Garlic + Ground Peanut
A different take on the fresh lumpia. Instead of using lumpia wrapper, egg was used to wrapped the other ingredients. It is an interesting dish to order.

Kabila's Pork Bagnet PhP 395

Sukang Ilocos, Chili Rock Salt &KBL -Kamatis, Bagoong Balayan and Lasunga Relish

Kabila's Pork Bagnet is rispy, crunchy just the way it should be!

Roasted Pork Bicol Express PhP 325

Crispy Sili Leves, Coconut + Served on a niyog

The following dishes were cross-ordered from Museum or M Cafe...

M's Famous Crab Cakes PhP 395

Cilantro aioli/asian slaw

I think I ate two pieces of M's Famous Crab Cakes, that's how delicious it is!

Asian Roti Platter PhP 350

Red Curry Dip/Szechuan Cucumber

Pad Thai PhP 375

Grilled Prawns/Peanuts/ Fresh Lime + Cilantro

Too bad the kitchen does not have lamb at that time or I would have ordered it. Anyway, I miss eating lamb so I cooked lamb twice in less than a week ; ) Don't worry, I will share how I cooked it on my next Foodie Tuesday entry!

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