Kerastase Initialiste... Super Serum for Scalp

I woke up bright and early today to attend the launching of the new Initialiste- a super serum for scalp and hair from Kerastase.

 Kerastase Lounge set up near Zara Rockwell

I was able to experience a complimentary hair and scalp diagnosis plus Elixir Ultimate Sensorial Blowdry by the Hair and Scalp Experts from Basement Salon.

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 a 60ml bottle of Kerastase Initialiste

Like your face, your scalp needs tender loving care too! That's where Kerastase Initialiste comes in. This super serum penetrates your scalp to help repair the root cause of your hair problem. Now, for the good news, there's no need to chop off your dry and damaged hair ; ) In 4 weeks of continuous use, it promises to make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

 Elixir Ultime Sensorial Blowdry area

 Kerastase Initialiste applied on my scalp

You can apply Kerastase Initialiste serum 2-3 times a day, continuously for 7 days. After 4 weeks, you will get the full benefit of the product.

How to apply Kerastase Initialiste:

Step 1: Section and part your hair so your scalp will be visible
Step 2: Use the dropper to dispense the product and apply directly on the scalp

 Step 3: Massage hair and scalp

 before photo

 Step 4: Sensorial Blowdry by Basement Salon
 after photo

Kerastase Initialiste did not weigh down my hair. My hair actually felt lighter and shinier than before. I am growing my hair again so this is actually a very good treatment for my hair and scalp.

What are you waiting for? Head now to Kerastase Lounge in Power Plant Mall (near Zara) to experience a complimentary hair and scalp analysis plus the sensorial blowdry today. 

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