Thaipan last Father's Day!

June 16, 2013

After my Korean BBQ addiction, I am now craving for Thai food. Thai cuisine is sweet and spicy at the same time. One thing that sets it apart from other cuisine aside from its vibrant color is its savory dishes.

 Happy Father's Day!

In the past, I have written about several Thai restaurants like Thai Bistro, SR Thai, and Muang Thai. I can't seem to get Thai restaurant out of my system so last Father's Day, we went around Tomas Morato area and revisited the only Thai restaurant (as far as I know) in the area- Thaipan.

It has been two years since my last visit, and I am excited to share with you what we ordered right after the break...

Pomelo Salad with Shrimp PhP 315

Fresh pomelo with shrimp and garlic flakes tossed in spicy dressing

I didn't know that we ordered almost the same salad as before, the only difference is that shrimp is one of the main ingredient in this order instead of chicken. We all love how the pomelo blended well with the veggies and its spicy dressing.

Choo Chee Kung Roti (Roti Bread with Curry Sauce Dip) 6 pieces PhP 350

Marinated chicken fillet wrapped in pandan leaves served with sweet chili sauce

We all love roti especially my mom, I think she had two pieces. I wonder who was not able to partake in this order ; p

 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Ground Pork PhP 230

Stuffed cabbage rolls with ground pork and dried shrimp

Stuffed cabbage rolls with ground pork was the least of my favorite next to Beef in yellow curry (photo below). I find the cabbage mapait plus I don't like gata ; (

 Beef in Yellow Curry PhP 375

US Tenderloin in Thai yellow curry paste

Beef used in this dish is US tenderloin, however, the thinly sliced beef was tough to chew.
 Soft Shell Crab in Black Pepper Sauce PhP 375

Stir fried crispy soft shell crab in black pepper sauce garnished with fried basil leaves

I still prefer Thai Bistro's version because it has more soft shell crab meat than garnishes.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (Pandan Chicken) PhP 350

Marinated chicken fillet wrapped in pandan leaves served with sweet chili sauce

I am not a fan of chicken pandan, there I said it ; p

Khao Khluk Kapi (Bagoong Rice with Sweet Pork) PhP 310

Shrimp paste fried rice served with sweet pork and green julienne mango

How I wish the waiter didn't mix our Bagoong rice prior to serving this dish to us! It looks unappetizing ; (
Thap Thim Krawp (Red Rubies)  PhP 160

Red rubies in sweet iced coconut cream
Ta Koh Sakhoo PhP 185

Tapioca pearl steamed cake topped with red rubies 

first time dad!

my growing family

The waiter was attentive enough even though we were seated on the second floor of the restaurant. He was also able to suggest a few items on the menu.

Since I have a baby now, I am always on the lookout for high chairs in restaurants. Thank God, Thaipan has one for my baby... yey!

More food posts coming up!

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