Zoya the Healthy New Color of Fashion is now in Manila!

I was back in the grind yesterday. I attended an intimate event- the launching of Zoya nail polish here in the Philippines.

Zoya, dubbed as the healthy new color of fashion, has over 300 colors to choose from. The Philippine official distributor, Top That Corp., carries 270 of them. Not bad, right?

 Zoya Lovely Gie Gie (2 coats)

Part of Spring 2013 collection called Lovely, Zoya Gie Gie is a blushing cherry blossom pink metallic. 

For a change, I chose a subtle color like pink. Now that I have a baby, I think I have to tone down my choice of colors lol Surprisingly, the light pink color looks good on me. It looks clean and, uh, polished.

I was informed that Zoya is the longest wearing natural nail polish. Let's see if it will last until my party this coming Saturday. By the way, the photo was taken on Day 2, no chip yet whatsoever. It looks promising, let's wait and see ; )

See what color I took home after the break...

 Zoya Pixie Dust Vespa

Mint Kiss with a sugared sparkle

Each attendees get to take home a nail polish of his/her choice. I was eying for Neely, a spring green in a glossy creme finish, but sad to say, there was no stock left ; ( I settled for Vespa instead which has almost the same green shade with an added sparkle to it ; p Nice, yeah?

 Zoya Lovely Piaf (2 coats)

Fresh forsythia yellow metallic

Zoya Lovely Piaf is as close as I will get in terms of bright colors. Piaf reminded me of summer. I don't want to say goodbye to summer because I have not been to a single beach this year ; ( Can you believe that?!

 Zoya Remove + 3-in-1 formula

Top That Corp. also gave away Remove +, Allure's Best Beauty Buy since 2010. It is a breakthrough formula because it moisturizes and fortifies the nail plate at the same time it removes traces of oil, lacquer.

 with Animetric

Oh, before I forget, Zoya nail polish is free from:

  • Formaldehyde- carcinogen
  • Formaldehyde Resin-respiratory problems, allergic reactions
  • Toulene- asthma, nausea, carcinogenic
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- birth defects
  • Camphor- increased heart rate, poisonous
  • Animal products

It is safe for babies, kids, pregnant and nursing women. Zoya is also against animal testing.

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