Niagara Falls Revisited

Last Thanksgiving Day, my family headed out on a two-hour drive to Niagara Falls. As I stepped out of the car and pointed my Canon EOS M at the rainbow over the horizon, the screen flickered and died- my camera just ran out of battery. I blame it on the non-working status bar. Canon... when are you going to schedule an update? O, sige na nga, I totally forgot to recharge it din.

Niagara Falls Canada and US (left)

The view was simply breathtaking. I can't take my eyes off it, even my daughter loved it. She was smiling as she was facing the falls as if she understood and knew where she was, I swear!

The US side was lame compared to the Canadian side as seen in the photo above. I captured all the photos here using my SIL's camera. Read more after the break....

rainbow at Niagara Falls

It is said that at any given time, provided that the weather is good, Niagara is a great location to view rainbows. I seldom see rainbows in Manila so it was really a delight to see one.

birds at Niagara

Somebody threw in a pizza. I don't know if that's even legal ; p

whoa! edge of the falls

the water is as deep as the falls

Niagara Falls Canada side

Niagara Falls US side
I was not able to take photos of Niagara at Night. It was already cold and chilly by then so we decided to head back home. On our way back, we had our dinner in a Korean restaurant named Korean Garden. More on that in my next entry.

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