Curse of the telecom companies!

Oh no! After my dilemma with GLOBE DSL, our PLDT telephone line died on us! I can't really seem to understand how these could have happened to us simultaneously. Gosh! are we being attacked by telecom companies?

It has been four days since I reported to 173. A technician went to our house yesterday and assured us that by 5pm will be having our dial tone as they have already fix the problem in the cabinet. And all PLDT has to do is to switch ON on their part and we will have our line back. So far, we still don't have a dial tone, no static, my phone is dead.

Missing a DSL is one thing but lacking a telephone line is a CURSE. *drama* My gulay! I just hang up the phone. On the other line was a team leader, who I insisted talking to. "I am friggin' mad" I told the CSR to tell his supervisor slash team leader. GRRR! As usual the supervisor assured me that she will personally follow it up and that our line will be repaired soon. I hope it will not be like my experience with GLOBE. Or I will have no choice at all...

I am thinking of applying a wireless telephone line, either bayatel or pldt. Will somebody care to share their experience  having wireless telephone with me?