McDonald's Greenhills is not PET FRIENDLY!

I was supposed to blog about this a long time ago but I guess it kept slipping out of my mind because of the pest- GLOBE!

Anyway, every Sunday, I am on a jogging mood with my parents and on one of those instances, I am with my Precious, my Pom.

Precious, our dog

After many rounds, we opted to have a quick bite and entered Mc Donald's. Upon entering, we come face to face with the manager who gave us the L-O-O-K. We proceeded and chose a table tucked in another room where it's almost deserted.

My dad doggie sit the dog while mom and I went in line for our order. We were not yet near the counter when my dad come out from the room followed by a security guard and the manager. It turned out the manager asked the security guard to tell my dad that PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE. If the manager have told us that this is not a pet friendly place OR EVEN PUT ON A SIGN OUTSIDE we wouldn't have entered! My poor dog!!!

We went to Tropical Hut instead. Ang arte arte ng Mc Donald's!