Haiku... di naman Hay Naku!

My visit: May 31, 2008

Ling Nam
Banawe, Quezon City

Yes, you are reading the right page! We had lunch at Ling Nam before going to work and later had dinner at Haiku in Trinoma. 

sweet & sour pork rice PhP140

beef hofan PhP200

It's Saturday- our date day! We had a late lunch at the reborn Ling Nam- more and more branches to serve you hehe- before heading to the office. We ordered Beef Hofan and Sweet and Sour Pork Rice for a fast meal, we are running late mind you! We have a lot of work to do in the office.

3rd floor
Trinoma Mall
EDSA, Quezon City 

9015610 to 11

Ok tama na ang commercial! We usually go to Trinoma Mall  on Saturday to dine and watch  movie. We scout a lot of restaurants and settled for Haiku. It was still early for dinner time and so we have the whole place reserve for us hehe  just kidding. I had a free hand in taking pictures kasi nga walang katao tao- no diners- except for the waiters. The venue is medyo sosyal. Parang pang fine dining. That's why people do a double take before entering hehe

Since he is watching his weight, DH ordered an all sushi for himself- Ebi (PhP155), Shake (PhP115) and Saba (PhP 135). All sushis are by twos. Ok, I ate one ebi hehe

ebi tempura 3pcs. PhP215

I ordered Ebi Tempura, rice and a Haiku Shake- mixed of melon and watermelon (PhP105). 

This time DH was satisfied but not with the price as it seems that this restaurant charges a bit more for the sushi than most japanese restos around. My take on my ebi tempura... they arrange the three pieces  on top of each other forming a triangle. On the topmost is the biggest and I was very happy to eat it....pronto. It turned out the next two is smaller than the first. Making the last one almost half the size of the first. A bit deceiving but we didn't complain. I'm just gonna complain here in my blog hehe One more thing, the waiters should have kept their tone down when speaking with the kitchen staff (KS). I heard a waiter (W) talking to the KS.

Haiku shake PhP105

W  : "lagyan mu nang syrup un shake"
          put syrup on the shake
W  : "O, tinikman mu ba muna, mamaya walang lasa yan"
          did you taste it before serving?
Hmmm.... I just turned deaf, I don't want to picture in my mind what they were doing with my shake.