A Night Out in Rockwell

My visit: May 30, 2008

Wild Ginger
Lower Ground Floor
Rockwell, Power Plant Mall

I decided to go with DH that day as I've said in the previous post. After office hours, we decided to watch a movie at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. Upon buying ticket for Indiana Jones for a 6:55pm movie screening, we tried another fairly new restaurant- Wild Ginger! New to me as we seldom go there these days. Trinoma Ayala Mall is nearer our place hehe Who knows how old is that restaurant. Maybe you can tell me...

 so-called Pad Thai

Going back, Wild Ginger is, I think, an asian fusion restaurant. Only a few tables were occupied. We opted to seat outside where we can people watch hehe Since we were hungry and only a few minutes were left for us to spare, we ordered only Pad Thai (PhP 185) with the description of the popular flat rice noodle dish- our version (not too sweet) was written on their menu and a Beef Rendang(PhP 245)- Indonesian beef stew.

Beef Rendang

We waited only for a few minutes then our orders arrived. My DH kept saying something is wrong with his Pad Thai. He knew that its noodles should be flat. He asks for the menu from a waiter, look at it and pointed at the description. He asks the waiter if they always serve this type of noodle for every order of Pad Thai, waiter answered "yes!" I ask him to go in the kitchen and ask. He comes back and apologizes. It turned out that they run out of flat noodles and replace a rice noodles instead. DH told the waiter that he should have informed us the change prior to our having our orders taken. The waiter move on and said the kitchen didn't not advise them. Poor DH... he had to cancel his order. I just shared with him my small cup of Beef Rendang. He losts his appetite.

Hmm... inside I think I saw a manager busying himself up. He was not bothered that a customer was complaining. We just leave it at that and would not come back to this place again.

small serving of Beef Rendang
Pad Thai noodle used was not flat
not knowledgeable waiter