Trinoma twice over!

My visit: June 15, 2008

Hossein's Restaurant
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
8161165 8161167

Trinoma has been our Saturday date venue since it had opened. But last weekend, I was there even on a Sunday. The reason behind going there on a Sunday is the Persian restaurant called Hossein's. DH and I have tried it and so has my brother. We wanted to share our delight on this particular restaurant's good food with who else but our family!

My bro who has been to two of it's branch namely- Trinoma and Makati, says that Trinoma branch has a better ambiance. We only visited the Trinoma branch once so we couldn't compare and they have a new one at The Fort so I couldn't tell.

Roti Channai

The ambiance was very nice and comfy, we were situated near the bar on a couch which has a silhouette curtain that can separate you from the other table beside you for some privacy. The lights were dimmed, good for a dinner dates. The sounds softly playing on the background. The day we went was a full house so you can hardly hear it. Enough of the venue and on with the food hehe

Well, Hossein didn't disappoint us at all as expected. For starters, we have Roti Channai at PhP 120, good tasting bread and dip that lets you while the time waiting for your orders to arrived.

 Mache Polo

It took about 30 minutes and several diners who finish their meal and left, for the three main entrees to arrive. Good thing we had Max Brenner that afternoon, courtesy of my sis, that's why all heads were cool. We ordered my fav, Mache Polo- PhP 770- a must! The sauce was not even spared by DH and bro. They ordered extra nan- PhP 28 and use the sauce of Mache Polo as dip... no waste in our family hehe It also came with a rice that is good for at least three pax, two if you are a heavy rice eater.

 Half Lamb Ribs

Another order was Half Lamb Ribs- PhP 1, 283 delicious, very tasty and tender.

Chelou Shish Kebab

Chelou Shish Kebab- PhP 570 was what my brother have came back for. Tender beef topped with a hefty servig of Saffron Rice. An extra order of saffron rice will set you back at PhP 168. But it is very filling because of the butter on top. We are all so full that dessert is out of the question.

I will definitely come back but not that soon... a bit pricey but is money well spent!

good food
knowledgeable waiter
clean toilet

price too high hehe
we paid almost PhP 300 for its service charge