iPhone hooplah!

August 22, 2008 was the date of the launching of the iPhone 3g here in the Philippines. Since then, I have not read or heard anything if there was a successful launch or anything.

I, for one, wanted to grab a hold of the new iPhone 3g. But the price given by Globe, the telco, was outrageously ridiculous. But hold your breath, after initially releasing a price list of iPhone, Globe has reduced the iPhone's price although it has not yet been released. What does this mean? Nobody, as in nada, not anyone has reserved? How will I know? Everyday, I have been reading the top broadsheet in the Philippines and I have not even read a single article regarding the launch of iPhone last Friday.

Did anybody slept through the night and fall in line outside of their business center just to brag that he/she was the first one ever to get a hold of the phone in the Philippines?

I called the Globe hotline awhile ago to inquire about the pricing of iPhone that goes along with the plan the I am in. I found out that I am not allowed to avail of any new promo because I have availed of its loyalty perk. The loyalty reward would expire April of next year. A month before the expiry, CS told me that I could call and let them reassessed my account again and I might get a discount off the tag . In the mean time, if I couldn't wait, I can just buy a new plan and get a new number to go with the phone. Such a policy could sway their customers to other company. Or sway their customers to buy from Greenhills and/or go to the US to buy it at USD199. After all, they have an overpriced iPhone anyway!