Dailies FreshLook Illuminate in Rich Brown Review

I received 2 boxes of 10 one-day color contact lenses in Rich Brown from FreshLook Illuminate for review. ALCON specially designed this new daily disposable circle lens to make Asian eyes look naturally bigger, bolder and more vibrant.

left has FreshLook Illuminate on

I have been dying to try it on but I have no party to attend to until last Saturday. It was the wedding of my husband's BFF. Check out the photo above to see the difference.

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Dailies FreshLook Illuminate by Ciba Vision in Rich Brown pack of 10 PhP 650

how the contact lenses look like up close

my eyes appeared bigger because of the contact lenses 13.8mm diameter (12.8mm-ring)

My iris seems a lot bigger but the change is so subtle nobody ever suspected that I was wearing a colored contact lenses. The secret is FreshLook Illuminate's unique starburst pattern that blends the colored ring into the iris, mimicking the natural graduation of color in a person's iris from the edge of the lens to the center of the eye.

wore the contact lenses from church to reception

Thanks to its AquaRelease* technology, I can't believe I was able to wear FreshLook Illuminate for more than 12 hours!

*A built-in moisturizer with a patented blink-activated technology for longer-lasting moisture and comfort.

From what I read, FreshLook Illuminate is made of non-ionized material that attracts more than 300 times less protein than ionic materials, thus minimizing deposit levels. That explains why I don't have a need for even a single drop of Opti-Free Pure Moist multi-purpose disinfecting solution the entire time I was wearing a pair of FreshLook illuminate. It was a worry-free and 100% safe look!

Dailies FreshLook Illuminate is also available in Jet Black. You can buy these contact lenses in leading optical shops nationwide.

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