Jollibee follows up...

After blogging about this, surprisingly, I got a phone call from the supervisor of Jollibee Sangandaan. She introduced herself as Cheng. She was asking for feedback about their food and delivery service. I though to myself what luck... I could now air my sentiments on their chicken joy lol~ 

So when she ask if I was a satisfied customer, I laid down my complaints, of course. I learned that they have an on- going problem with their supplier that's why they don't serve breast. And that they are also having other complains or requests, however which way you see it, about the breast part. Maybe KFC, Mc Donald's has the missing breast part lol~ 

Anyway, I also ask her why they only serve shanghai on weekdays. Answer to the question... shanghai is catered only to students and office workers thus they only serve it on weekdays. I told her I only work on weekends lol~ Macaroni salad is not salable that's why it's not on their menu anymore or as she says not in their branch in particular. At the time that I called,  soft-served ice cream was not available also. She told me that the ice cream is now available and at the time that I called they were in the process of fixing it. But, I applaud them that they delivered in less than thirty minutes. Then we hang up.

After a few minutes, I got another call from Jollibee and this time, they are asking if I still want the ice cream sundae and they will give it as a token. And I said yes, and said TY. But I still want breast lol~ 

So, It will be for another decade before I will order another chickenjoy.