US Visa tidbits!

I went to the US Embassy with an armload of brown envelope placed inside a plastic envelope. Inside the brown envelope are important documents that might increase my chance of having the much coveted US Visa. Although I am just renewing my visa, having an old/expired visa does not guarantee that the US consul will grant you a new one.

So, weeks before up to the day before the interview date , I have accumulated most of the documents that would prove that I am a returning visitor and will not overstay in their country. In the Pavilion area, a lady beside me even showed all documents placed neatly in a folder that she was willing to show to the consul as she was previously denied.

Base on my recent experience, I wanna share some tips with regards to applying a US Visa. Please note that all are based on my experience, what others have advised me to do/ bring,  and what I've observe. 

First, come at least an hour or two maybe, if you can, before your said schedule. Lines are long and winding especially in the morning.
Second,  wear/ dressed appropriately e.g. job interview
Third, flashy jewelry is NOT a guarantee of a visa
Fourth, be courteous to the staff specially to the consul- greet them before the interview and thank them after. 
Fifth, take of the plastic cover of your passport. Any staplers and/or other attachment are advised to be removed.
Six, you only need to pass your valid passport and the application form at the Pavilion area. 
Seven, when in the fingerprinting area, state your full name and birth date clearly.
Eight, to avoid doing repetitive fingerprint process, follow the instructions properly. Put the four fingers of left hand pointing each finger towards the green light first, then, four fingers of your right hand and last, put your thumbs at the center of the machine. Remember not to move, roll and press as you are doing the entire process.
Nine, approach the consul with a happy face and relax. State why you are there. e.g. to apply for a visa, to renew your expired visa, etc.
Ten, answer only what is asked. Expounding on the subject is a NO-NO unless asked the question WHY.
Eleven, although I was not asked to show any of the documents that I brought with me, Here are some documents that I think one should bring. ORIGINAL:
* NSO issued Marriage Contract
* Bank Statement at least three months, passbook both old and new or Bank certificate
* Credit card statements- it is said that you need at least three months worth of credit statement 
* Car registration and official receipts
* Land title
* Wedding ring and a family pic on your wallet
* Old and new passport
* Employer's certificate
* SEC/ Business name, ITR
I would like to reiterate that I have not shown any documents when I was interview hookie!
Twelve, answer honestly. Show documents only when you are asked for it. 

Anyway, that's all I can remember! I hope you can get your US visa too!