Flying Air Canada

Yesterday, on my flight back to Toronto, DH and I were seated next to an 80+ year old lady. The first half of the trip was fairly quiet as I slept through it. The second half was the story.

It started when the flight attendants were serving drinks, no food on this flight hehe The nice, old lady asked for a coke and a cup of water. DH and I, on the other hand, asked for an orange juice. After eating her Subway sandwich and drinking her two cups, the old lady excused herself to go to the toilet. Since she was on the window seat, DH and I, literally, have to get up to let her pass. Remember that she was an eighty year old woman and getting up after seating for hours was a tedious task. She did get up with our help. I held her bag and assisted her arms so she can force herself to get up. Finally, she was up and about and went straight to the toilet. She left without her shoes on but with her socks, okay? So, I followed her- without my shoes too hehe When I got back to my seat, she was already seated. Perhaps she was shy as to what have transpired, she explains that she was old *I could see* and this was the first time that getting up from her seat is too much of a task. I told her that we would help her again when the plane lands. And then the saga coninues...

She started talking about her trip to Reno, Nevada with her cousin and how she won a few hundred dollars. She talks about her upcoming driver's license test and that she has to do it every two years now that she has reached the age of 80. "It's just multiple choice and they gave me a hint as to what part of the book I should read" so she said. She talked about how old her daughter is, 60 as a matter of fact, and that nobody would mistook them as sisters because her daughter has red hair while she has, what else, but white hair hehe Her daughter has pain in her back and has been trying ventusa and accupuncture. She has great grandchildren and that she loves to stay in a hotel whenever she travels. That she will hail a cab once we landed as she lives by herself and is 30 minutes away from where her daughter lives. She also offered me her magazine and ask me where I learned the English language haha

So, you see, my second half of the trip was pretty entertaining. Of course, she did ask me some questions but mostly the floor is hers. We were only interrupted by the voice over speaker telling us that in a few minutes our plane would be landing. She was so pleasant to talk to. We helped her with her bags overhead and found a bottle of vodka in her possesion. She said she loved drinking hehe

We bade goodbye and I'm now back in Toronto~