Outlet Purchases

498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley, NY 10917
(845) 928-4000

A tiring day that starts around lunch time. It's an hour bus ride from Port Authority, N.Y.C. but it's all worth it. We went on a Saturday and you can imagine the countless Japanese tourists and locals shopping in one of the countless shopping outlets in U.S.

photo courtesy of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Since half of the day was gone, DH and I decided to enter shops which we only have eyes on. Carefully spotting shops with people lining up just to enter. And also shops that have an additional discount with the coupon that we got FOC from the Information Center if you road via Gray Line bus.

My cousin, AD, requested for me to buy a Coach bag so I had it in my mind to buy her bag before I forget it hehe As we were waiting in line in Coach outlet shop, I noticed that inside, shoppers were hoarding handbags and purses. It turned out that they have a huge SALE going on. Their sales associates were very helpful and accommodating. I was looking for a particular hand bag that my cousin wanted that's why I really appreciate the sales associate that helped me. I ended up buying two for myself. Or not, it was actualy, DH who forced me to buy two hehe

Below is a Coach Optic Signature East/West Gallery Tote #13053. I got this pic from ebay as I still have no time to take pictures of my new acquisitions haha This bag is perfect for everyday use. Nothing fancy and can accommodate most of the things that I bring like cellular phone, wallet, keys, etc. It is medium sized so no shoulder/ back pain for me. I got tired of the big bags that I carried with me for sometime. It's time for a change.

The second one was actually my DH's choice. He likes the color and he reminded me that I'm the one looking for a white bag. But I felt that a white bag is harder to maintain that's why I was not too keen on buying one. I settled for the top one and would not want another one but DH insisted hehe so, who am I to disagree, huh?!? It's a Coach Soho Mini Signature Tote #10927. I also got this pic from ebay

That's all for now~