What a sleepless night

DH was frantic the other night when he found out that both our camera chargers and his portable external hard drive were nowhere to be found. This was after we had our hearty meal in a chinese restaurant in Markham area. The Peking duck was superb, by the way haha

DH's battery charger

I already had a headache by the time we went back from my routine mall visit for the day and from the food trip when I learned that a whole lot of gadgets were missing. In spite of my headache and for the love of my DH *drama*, I collected and rearrange all our things in our baggage to sort and look for those chargers and hard drive inside the pouch, which was also missing.

I was really, really tired from arranging all the stuff and packing and I found nothing... nada. I went down to the basement to tell DH that I didn't found it and that I've even checked under our bed. We were thinking that maybe someone took it in our duffel bag when we checked it in without putting a lock to it. Partly "our" fault, huh? or not *me*, it's mainly DH's job to stash all his things particularly electronics stuff so he ain't got nobody to blame hardiharhar

Henry's logo

I told him that he just have to let it go and maybe try to call his cousin in Stockton, California where we stayed overnight just in case we left it there. We ended up sleeping around 2:30 a.m. and the saga continues until the next day.

DH called his cousin and learned that the pouch, where he put the chargers and hard drive, was not left there. He went on and called the last rental company, Payless, in San Francisco and also got the same answer. No one has reported our things in their lost and found department.

That was yesterday, today, we went to Henry's to buy our chargers and Best Buy to buy an SDHC 8gb for my camera. The friggin' 2 chargers cost us almost CAN160. Too much for such small items, huh? But finally, our cameras can now be charged and DH is in a happy mood once more...