My day

I was so busy playing Friends For Sale (FFS) on Facebook (FB) when DH told me that we have to pick our car that's on repair in Honda. While waiting inside the car for DH, I took a snapshot of myself.

 birthday girl

DH saw a write up in Inquirer newspaper about a thai restaurant in Greenbelt 5 but sad to say, we were not able to find it. We were so hungry and decided to enter the restaurant with the most number of diners. John and Yoko un restaurant na kasamaang palad eh consistent sya in the sense na consistent sa pagiging overprice. Parang un quality ng food eh pang Tokyo Tokyo level hahaha Hindi pala mas ok pa ang Tokyo Tokyo. More on this restaurant later.

malungkot si DH sa Shoyu Ramen niya

We proceeded to buy 2 Wolverine movie tickets. We got our tickets and decided to play at Time Zone first since I have complimentary games from my Acard- the Ayala card. The movie starts at 4pm.

dance revo at Time Zone

After a tiring work out at Time Zone lol it's time to reward ourselves. Who said that you can't have freebies these days. Well, you are wrong. We got free Gold Selecta ice cream together with our movie tickets and I saw a Lipton Milk Tea booth just one floor down the theater and got our hot milk tea.

3 new flavors from Selecta Gold, 
I want... strawberry

nai cha

We were on our way inside the cinema and I took a shot of the Selecta booth when the security guard told us that I should leave my camera outside. A number tag was given to me but I was a bit uneasy about it. I went back and requested that they issue me a notice in writing that they receive my camera and who received it. It was at this moment that the personnel listed it on their log book. If I had not complained, I would not know what will happen to my camera... Thank God!

On our way back to our car, Cookie saw the Thai restaurant he had read about. It's Thai Patio located outside of Greenbelt 5 beside Myron's. Delicious food alright but the service was slow, is it because they have a full house? or the fault of an incompetent manager? I'll dwell on my rants in another post.

After a filling dinner, we went home. We totally forgot to buy my cake. Good thing, my friend, LCA, gifted me with one. No candle lol Not problem, I used a matchstick haha

my cake

I had fun during my birthday. Thanks to my DH for making it one of my best birthday. Thanks to all the people who have greeted me through text, YM and FB!