Japanese Restaurant: John and Yoko... yoko na balikan!

My visit: May 2, 2009

John and Yoko
2nd fl. space 205
Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center
Makati City

We were searching for a Thai restaurant in Greenbelt 5. Cookie read a good review about the restaurant but forgot the name. We consulted the Information Board but no Thai restaurant was written on it.

We eventually settled for the restaurant with the most number of diners. We were mistaken.

at John and Yoko

John and Yoko is a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant hmmm The interior reminded me of Planet Dailies inside Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. Red and violet lighting dominate the entire restaurant. Pipe in music is a bit loud, match that with the loud voices of the diners and you get yourself a free headache. The waitress had short, I mean, short uniforms and the name tags pinned on their uniforms are not their real names. Instead city names are printed on their name tags.

We knew that this is another Marvin Agustin restaurant. And we didn't quite learn our lesson from his Cafe Tentitas. We are such suckers. All his restaurants are consistent. Consistent in price that is. Although we don't mind paying more, we expect quality food to go with it.


Our orders:

new york fried maki- 6pcs. @ PhP278

spider roll- 8pcs. @ PhP258 isang leg lang ata ito di ko nalasahan

shoyu ramen @ PhP308 tatlo lang ang pork, kalahati taba pa!

in fairness, sagana sa togue bwehehe

itong beef teppan lang ang na enjoy ko @ PhP 358

beef teppan PhP358 sagana sa togue... di ba?

Curiosity got into me when the table beside us is getting cleaned. The waitress picked up all used paper chopstick cover and put it back on the cupboard. So, I had mine torn to save the future diners. I know people are conscious about recycling but not in that way. Thank me! Whew! Did I say I'm never coming back?! This time, I really mean it.

chopstick cover, apparently reusable in their case

8% service charge
Total damage: PhP 1, 371.43