Thai Patio

My visit: May 2, 2009

Thai Patio
Ground floor, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City

DH read a good review about this Thai restaurant. I don't know if the review made so much impact on its readers that we entered to a full restaurant. There is only one vacant table and just enough for two people but not good enough for the food we have ordered.

As with packed restaurant came poor service. Although we quickly got a seat, it took awhile to get the waiters attention for our orders to be taken.


more waiting

The interior was intricate and beautiful with fresh orchids on display by the wall and on top of the table.

The table beside us seats an old lady with her son. It took them a long time and follow ups just to get the bill. I overheard the lady muttering about the slow service. We were hungry. After they left and waiting for almost 30 minutes, our orders came. Since our table fits only two persons, we needed a bigger table for our food. We asked the manager if he could transfer us to a bigger table, he said yes but apparently he changes his mind and gave the table to somebody else without even informing us. Good thing, the old lady had finally settled her bill and we got the half of her table.

Our order:

 green mango with soft shell crabs @ PhP 276.79

fresh spring roll @ PhP 290.18

mixed mushroom @ PhP 205.36

curried dory @ PhP 401.78

burnt steamed rice @ PhP44.64

Food is great. I love the green mango with soft shell crab. At least I can see the soft shell crab here and the taste is good too. A bit spicy but it's Thai food, come on! At first, I do not want to order the spring roll but DH insisted. It turned out to be a favorite. Of course the sauce work wonders. I requested for a second serving of the sauce lol The curried dory cooked perfectly offers a taste of spiciness when you chew on it. The mix mushroom is ok.

In between our meal, I overheard a foreigner complaining about food not being served and that she wats to cancel some of her orders. Her group was seated al fresco plus the place was packed, expectedly, the service is gonna be slow. I only saw 4 waiters and a manager. Clearly, this place needs more people to run the restaurant smoothly.

We got our bill and waited for another 30 minutes. This time their credit card machine is not functioning well. And the foreigner also wanted to get her bill and the manager busily tends to the foreigner alone. We opted to pay in cash with the waiter, John, assuring us that he has not yet swiped our credit card.

Well, I hope that he didn't swipe it or I'll have a problem with my credit card company. Oh well, something new to blog about next time lol