Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

My visit: June 20, 2009

Asian Twist Fusion Resturant
101 N.S. Amoranto cor.
Speaker Perez St., Q.C.
7112248 7493878

It must be the funky logo design outside its restaurant that attracted the people to go to this restaurant. When we went there awhile ago, only one parking slot was available and most of the table were already occupied. And it was not dinner time yet, we were there around five in the afternoon. People were coming and going. Was it the food? Or the people were just curious? I have to find out the answer.

We were quickly ushered by a receptionist to our seat just beside the cake area. I noticed that they have a second floor and that the place is buzzing with diners. The server that waited for us was a trainee which explains why whenever we have a question about an item they have on the menu, she will have to excuse herself and ask for the answer to our query from other waiters.

bread display

I ordered a cheese cupcake for PhP 22 pictured above right. DH told me the texture was like that of a macaroon. When I tasted the cupcake, it was dry and I only tasted a hint of cheese : (

teppanyaki fillet bibimbop- PhP 175

Their teppanyaki fish fillet was breaded and we wondered why they called it as such. Correct me? We requested multiple times for the kojujang (chili paste) and each time they served a pea size kojujang in a tiny platter. It was not until after the fourth serving when DH was satisfied with the mixture of kojujang on his bibimbop.

korean beef bbq- PhP 225

It was not until the last few korean beef bbq strips left when I asked the waitress how to eat this entree lol We were supposed to wrap the beef with the lettuce together with the kimchi, slices of garlic, togue and the veggie. DH tried it with the lettuce wrapper. I ordered a rice (PhP45) with it lol

iced vanilla mocha- PhP 75

Funny because they served my iced vanilla mocha in a very tall glass and a very short straw. You can only imagine when I was halfway with my drink, my mouth would be inside the glass. By the way, I never tasted a hint of vanilla. There was no mixture of mocha either. I even asked a waitress if what they served me was right. She double checked and suggested that she will just give me an additional vanilla syrup. I was still not satisfied and told her that my drink tasted more like iced coffee.

I am not sure if we will come back here anytime soon. As with the cons in eating in a fusion restaurant, you get a little satisfaction. By the way this restaurant reminds us AKU, once the go to restaurant for QC area residents. I don't know if it's the same owners, I asked but got an I-don't-know look on our server lol

no service charge