Hanobe Asian Food House- better than ever!

My visit: June 20, 2009

Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Ma. Clara St.,
Quezon City

Di din naman namin favorite ang Hanobe noh! Obvious ba? This month alone we have been there thrice already. Ever since I told DH about this new restaurant that C and I read in Animetric's blog, Hanobe has been on top of his list whenever we are looking for a place to eat. And today was no different. We have just been to Hanobe Express last Thursday and we were back once again. All I can think of was that they better have the roasted duck that I have been craving for since last Thursday night. Good thing they have it today!

Although some of what we would like to try like the Satay Beef Hofan and the Yo Chi Misua are still not available at 11 a.m. Oh well maybe on our fourth try lol

tikua misua- PhP 165

DH liked this on his initial slurp of the noodle soup. I too liked this but not the tikua hehe

roast duck with rice- PhP 175

You can cross order from Hanobe Express when you dine here in HAFH. So, I got what i am craving for last thursday night. As in my past review, my order can feed two people. I was not able to eat the skin though so I don't know if it is crunchy but from the look of it, it is a bit soggy. So, there.

spinach in garlic- PhP 190

A different kind of spinach was presented to us. It was dry and hmmm crunchy and the garlic adds a lot of flavor to it.

fried frog legs with garlic- PhP 240

This order is like Max's fried chicken hehe sarap to the bones lol It's very crunchy, tasty and the generous amount of garlic is what I like most about this dish. A vinegar dip is served but the frog legs alone is enough for me.

Don't be surprised if I write another review about this restaurant next week. Ok?

no service charge