Dragon Noodle Center

My visit: June 7, 2009

Dragon Noodle Center
1037 M.H. Del Pilar St.,
Malate, Manila

Two thumbs up for this restaurant who has been part of my childhood years. I recently rediscovered this bigger and renovated place one sunday morning after my family and I jog/walk in San Miguel by the Bay. It's like being reminiscing the good, old times.

The taste of their asado rice, spareribs, siopao and the sauce is still the same. Although the price has increase, it's still comfort food. Remembering the way we used to be.

jumbo bola bola siopao

only PhP 65

asado rice- PhP 120

hong kong style asado siopao- PhP 55

I came back yesterday with one of my closest friend, C, after registering and joining the WFP "End Hunger, Walk the World" event in Cultural Center of the Philippines. Ahhhh, good times.

no service charge