Hanobe Asian Food House

My visit: June 6, 2009

Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Maria Clara St.,
Quezon City

Hanobe Asian Food House (HAFH) is an expansion of the original Hanobe Express (HE) which is located just beside it. HE offers roasted rice toppings such as barbeque pork asado and lechon macau on their wall menu while HAFH has vast selection of entrees on their menu from noodles, soup, pork, beef, chicken, seafood to hotpot. HAFH even has a set menu to offer for large group diners.Set menu price starts from PhP 3, 988 to PhP 9, 988 priced comparably cheaper than Gloria Maris and Choi Garden.

private room

This private room has two tables and is separated from the main dining area by a sliding door for privacy.

drink counter

hanobe taope 3 kinds mushrooms- PhP 220

Taope, if I'm not mistaken, is the skin of tofu. It is crunchy but with the generous serving of sauce, some taope at the bottom of the serving plate lose its crunch. Otherwise, this would be an entree to come back for.

lechon macau- PhP250

The lechon macau is sliced thickly and I am afraid to eat it hahaha It comes with bawang and suka as dipping. DH and I eat half and decided to take home the rest.

hanobe fried oyster cake- PhP 200

Presented like a pizza with 8 slices, the fried oyster cake has a crunch on initial bite. Although it looks big, the oyster is not aplenty. It consists mostly of starch, maybe for the added crunch. We also took the rest home and up to now, its still inside our refrigerator waiting to be reheated in our oven toaster.

We might try the others on their menu when we come back. I hope we will choose the right ones to order next time.

no service charge