Hanobe Express

My visit: June 18, 2009

Hanobe Express
beside Hanobe Asian Food House
99 Ma. Clara St., Quezon City

DH and I went out for dinner on a Thursday night. I suggested that we try the Hanobe Express (HE) this time. It is a cheaper version of the Hanobe Asian Food House (HAFH) and is mainly catering for roasted rice toppings and noodle soup.

menu written on the wall; approximately 10 pax seating capacity

lechon macau rice - PhP 165

compare with Hanobe Asian Food House at PhP 250

barbeque pork asado- PhP 140

I ordered the rice topping with honey roast asado since roast duck is not available that time while DH ordered his favorite lechon macau rice topping. The rice is topped with soy sauce so it's a bit salty to taste. I got a generous serving of asado yum yum! The difference when you ordered the lechon macau of HAFH is that it is sliced thickly than that in HE. The taste is just the same, of course.

Only one server is positioned in HE, the rest are in the main restaurant. We were the only diner in HE while the HAFH has a full house that night. Overall, when you want a quick and hefty serving of food try the Express otherwise when you wan tfull service of a Chinese restaurant go to Hanobe Asian Food House.

no service charge