Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe- twice over!

My visit: June 13, 2009

Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe
106 E. Rodriguez Jr.,
Ugong, Pasig City
5711540 9140833

brazo de mercedes PhP 35

l-r white cheese roll, sausage roll, mini ensaimada PhP 13@

lamb chops on my first visit

my lamb chops now PhP 375

lengua PhP 325

As promised, on my second visit, I will try to take picture of the bakery items in Mom & Tina. Great that DH ate only the half part of the baked goodies lol He sometimes forgets that I needed to take pics for my blog especially when he is really, I mean, really hungry like today at lunch hehe

I'm sad because I was not able to enjoy my lamb chops. I ask the waiter for well done lamb chops only to find blood on my meat. And I don't want to complain and have my lamb chops returned to the kitchen. By then, I would have think of horrible thoughts, different ways done to my order which I don't want to happen so I just ate a part of it. I hate it when I see blood!

DH's complain is all about the rice. Just by looking at it, the rice is sticky and durog. Buti nalang it comes with the entree meaning we don't have to pay extra for the rice.

With regards to the bakery items, upon breaking the white cheese roll into half, you could not see anything inside much less taste anything. I would suggest that you order the sausage roll for the same price, you get to see and eat the tiny sausage lol Their mini ensaimada is good enough for its price. It's soft and cheesy.

Oh! The waiters! I am so annoyed with the 3 waiters talking loudly in front of table discussing about sports. It's like as if they wanted to let the diners hear everything that they are talking about. I think it's very rude! One was standing almost next to my chair, the other one at the back of my DH and the third person was a table away from us. We literally have a surround sound of their voices. I really hate it!

If the owners can read this please tell your waiters to respect your diners. My first review is here.

no service charge