Gerry's Grill Morato- 2nd birthday bash

My visit: May 1, 2009

Gerry's Grill Morato
24 Eugenio Lopez St., cor. Tomas Morato St.,
South Triangle, QC
4159514 4144234 3739166

my yoga buddies, LL and C with Allan and DH

This is my second birthday celebration. It was an impromptu affair. I ambushed C and LL in their yoga class. They were actually shocked and couldn't believe that I'm there lol

Anyway, the nearest and the most comfort food available near our yoga studio is Gerry's Grill.

green mango salad- PhP 115

As I am writing this now, I am salivating lol I love their green mango salad. Eto lang, solve na ako!

tahong ala pobre- PhP 145

We ordered tahong ala pobre for appetizer.

pusit- PhP 305

Inihaw na pusit is a must try. Although you have to wait for 20 minutes or so for an order. Tell the waiter to proccess your order of pusit first before you start ordering for other entree on their menu.

spicy adobo shreds- PhP 185

I think this is most requested on their menu. I do not like it since sawa na ako sa adobo and it is too dry for me but DH likes this.

sizzling tuna sisig- PhP 165

I do not like sisig... enough said!

sizzling kang kong- PhP 130

The kangkong was ordered by my vegetarian yoga budy, LL.

crispy pata- PhP 415

An all time favorite of mine... hands down, the best crispy pata.

a feast to remember

Whether you have something to celebrate or just dining out on a Saturday night, Gerry's Grill is the place to be. It's a middle of the road kind of restaurant.

apologies for the pics, I used my jurassic N70 camera phone