Have you been to your local supermarket?

My visit: September 29, 2009

Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan

I was in Unimart this morning to buy some food for dinner. I was surprised to see so many people lining up the cashier already at this time of the day. It was not even lunch yet people were snaking in line already.

all counters are full

people were stocking on supplies

Or were they? DH told me that people are simply purchasing what they needed as most of their things and food are now useless with typhoon Ondoy.

Well, at first I thought of panic buying as news of more typhoon coming spread after the disaster of Ondoy. But come to think of it, DH's statement makes sense.

Or maybe some people are thinking of donating food to other people who are in need. The bread section is almost empty. I hope my readers would donate too!