The aftermath of Ondoy

at SM Centerpoint

I went out to buy a few things today. My first stop was SM Sta. Mesa which was very near my place. They have a rerouting scheme done. Turned out the basement was still impassable. As we turned around, stench filled our car. That's the time I noticed that most security guards, workers and other people have put on masks on their faces. Ewwwww!

I couldn't stand the strong smell, I had to get out of there fast!

along E. Rodriguez Jr., QC

This is what I saw along E. Rodriguez Jr., a load of garbage. Now I am dreading typhoon Pepeng which is coming a week after the typhoon Ondoy disaster. What will happen to all these trash? It will surely haunt us all over again.

a closer look

along PETA, QC

This is what greeted me when I rerouted to PETA area. Another load of trash.

I have been searching for BPI ATMs in the vicinity but no luck. The ATMs have signs that either read OFFLINE or No Withdrawal. What's with BPI? I don't know about other banks. I hope this does not mean that people were all panicking and have already max out the ATMs.

I went to Metro Super Mart instead. The bread shelves are almost empty. I won't leave the store empty handed so I bought a Tostitos Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. Now, as I am writing this blog, I'm eating it together with the All Natural Chunky Salsa. Delish!