New find: YakiMIX Morato

My visit: October 15, 2009

Yakimix Sushi Smokeless Grill Restaurant
2/F Forum Bldg.
270 Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
3857500 3328073

It's a dinner long overdue. MPT and LCA were my elementary classmates. LCA and I were classmates until we were in high school and that's really way, way back lol LCA and I often see each other but it is MPT that we don't get to see much. Finally, I was able to arrange a meeting to get us together. We were giddy and talked non- stop that night lol How do you catch up with just one dinner? I'll tell you... you can not!

We were supposed to dine in a restaurant along Sct. Rallos called Celsius Gastrolounge. But LCA lost the address the owner gave her. MPT suggested a newly opened restaurant called YakiMix. The restaurant turned out to be their third branch already. They also have branches in Macapagal and SM Mall of Asia.

We were greeted by a snooty line "Do you have a reservation?" haha I replied "wala" lol The restaurant was full on a Thursday night. Feeling ko ang yabang nila haha In fairness, un last restaurant dito di naman lagi puno.


A waiter got our drinks but I don't know why it took them so long to bring it to our table. If I remember it right, we asked for our drinks four times before it eventually arrived. And we literally needed a drink because we already started eating at that time.


salad bar


ice cream station


I asked a waiter, the one who got our order for drinks, if I can take pictures. He replied, "yes!" While clicking my way through the buffet area, another waiter approached me and told me that taking pictures are not allowed. Duh! Ang gulo nila ah! So ayan tuloy, kulang ang photos lol Blame it on the management haha

The restaurant is brightly lit. The buffet is at the end of the room. The diners were a mix of barkada, family and boyfriend/girlfriend. We were ushered at the extension part of the restaurant. I think the place was used to be part of another restaurant, Wan Chai.

first plate

I love their tempura! They didn't scrimp on the shrimp hehe The sauce is on the salty side though. I think I saw five platters filled with different sushi, maki and I saw some salmon sashimi too.

raw meat ready for grilling

smokeless grill

Sad to say, the mixture of all their barbeque tasted the same. Tadtad ng pepper... which is too much for me!

The smokeless grill is at the center of the table. Imagine shabu shabu but instead of bowl of soup the griller is in its place. You can ask for the waiter to mix their special sauce for you but the sauce is nothing exceptional. I will mix the sauce myself next time. You can dip the bbq that you cook in the special sauce. BTW, don't expect that just because their grill is advertised as smokeless you won't smell a hint of bbq. You are wrong! I went home with my hair smelling bbq haha

second plate

The Japanese rice is good. I love their sweet and sour pork. And as you can see, I got another round of shrimp tempura lol

Unfortunately, I was not able to try all the food like their salad and sukiyaki for example. Maybe when I come back. Hopefully soon.

desserts top l-r clockwise sans rival, fruit pie, mango sago,
ice cream and custard/egg pie

The sans rival is really good but the egg/custard pie is half baked. The mango is diluted with too much ice/water that you can only taste a hint of mango.

with good friends

Oh, I had a not so good experience when I used their toilet. I used the first door as you enter the ladies toilet. The door won't close unless you pull the knob towards you. While peeing, I heard two male voices entered the ladies toilet. I was a bit scared and for a short minute they went back out. And as I emerge from the toilet, a waiter was running away from where I was emerging. Maybe he was shocked that I was inside the toilet? I don't know. What were they doing there? Have I not pulled the door towards me, they could have peeped through the small opening. I don't know. The management has to do some disciplinary action with the waiters. Or better yet fix the door.

I will come back if DH wants to try their sushi and because the buffet price is awesome! So many selection, so little time. I was not able to eat much because most of the time we were bantering if not reminiscing our childhood days lol Oh and the business card of Celcius that LCA thought she had lost, she had it in her wallet all along haha

Eat all you can PhP580
Drink all you can PhP55
Children below 4 feet PhP380
Lunch promo PhP499
available during Monday- Saturday only. Holidays not included.

no service charge
wide selection

inefficient staffs