Addicted to pearls: Fresh Water Pearls

I had Ding Velayo, Inc. , a jeweller in Greenhills Shopping Center, replaced the old gold plated earring post and earnuts to a 14k or 585 white gold for only PhP4, 000. My earrings were stamped with the numbers 585 meaning its 58.5% or 14 karat gold. Their logo was also stamped on the earnuts.

replaced ear post and earnuts PhP4, 000 at Ding Velayo, Inc.; restringing of Princess pearls with knots in between PhP400

Ding Velayo, Inc. also does restringing of pearls. I had mine restring by their staff named Jane. She did a wonderful job tying knots in between my pearls. To prevent the danger of losing all the pearls when the thread is broken, pearls should have knots in between. Restringing should be done every year or every other year depending on how often you wear your pearls. Cleaning your pearls with chamois help keep its luster. Wear your pearls often to keep it moist with your body oil.

Princess strand necklaces are 16-20 inch long. Other kinds of strands are choker (14-16 inches long), Matinee (20-26 inch long), opera (28-32 inches long) and lastly the rope- any strands of pearl which measures longer than the opera.

The pearls were all given by my dear mom. The pearls were either bought locally or in Vietnam. I love it!