Addicted to pearls: Jewelmer South Sea Pearl

I have been writing about my desire with pearls in the last couple of months. I was losing hope and was waiting in vain lol After months of agony, I was able to buy a pair of pearl stud earrings from a reputable South Sea Pearl seller here in the Philippines, Jewelmer.

clockwise: paperbag, box, shell case

 pearl wear and care instruction, certificate and gold pearl studs 12.08 and 12.20mm earrings in hard shell case

special system lock in 18k     
I am very happy when the SA of Jewelmer Shangri-la Mall, Joy, texted me about the 25% mark down they are having until May 2 which, incidentally, is my birthday! Finally, the stars are aligned and I am thinking I can get my studs at a more reasonable price! It was in their Eastwood Mall branch, assisted by Christine Flores, where I got my gold pearl studs

These gold pearls are my advance birthday gift for myself! I am in heaven! Eeeeeeer, maybe not! hahaha

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