In and Out: Nokia 5130 XPressMusic

When I was at the Astoria event last week, my Nokia N70 died on me twice! It's my sentimental phone. I gave it as a gift to my DH a few years back and he grew tired of it because it's bulky. So, I use it instead and has been with me since. I longed for an iPhone but it's way to pricey for a wanna be blogger like me.

And so, to retire my N70, I need a replacement! Of course, it had to be cheap! After all, I only need it for calling and texting. I don't mind if it doesn't have a camera because I already have my trusty Canon Ixus 860IS in the first place.

I did not have to search online because I have already a phone in mind, not the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic because honestly speaking, I forgot all about that lol I remembered my DF having a music phone which played The Beattle's hits and thought I want something like that. It looks nice and hip and since I can't afford an iPod, a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic it is! And most of all, it's unbelievably cheap at only PhP4, 250!

l-r earphones, nokia 5130 XpressMusic, charger, usb 

I got it in my favorite color, blue with white color at the back! And oh,  I forgot to say that it also have a 2.0 megapixel camera! Now, where do I find a white celfone case?

Next stop, Greenhills Shopping Center! lol