Cafe Mary Grace

My visit: April 18, 2010

Cafe Mary Grace 
North Ave. cor. EDSA,
Quezon City

Last Sunday was the first of the four nights that I stayed home alone. Well, I still have our two cute dogs and our maid. In our seven years of marriage, it was I who always travel and left DH to fend for himself. Now, tables have turned. So, I spent the first night outside as long as I can. And the best place for me was to visit a mall lol Good thing, AC, have agreed to come with me.

We had a late dinner at Cafe Mary Grace. I was a bit apprehensive when AC suggested Cafe Mary Grace. What comes to my mind is the kiosk that offers freshly baked goods. It didn't occur to me that it also has a cafe. The cafe had a few tables inside but some of the tables also occupied spaces outside. The waiter prompted us to take a table outside since he was already cleaning inside. He politely told us that they can still accommodate our orders and I was glad to hear that. 

(l-r): apple tea and peppermint tea PhP 75

The apple tea gave out a very strong taste and I was kind of disappointed. I sipped AC's peppermint tea and I think it tasted better since it was lighter in taste. But I get used to the taste of the apple tea and was able to finish the huge glass down to the last drop lol

Since AC and I had an afternoon snack in Starbucks, we opted to eat a light dinner. She gets to choose the main entree and I want a salad.

chorizo pasta PhP263.20

This was AC's choice. I am not much into pasta but this pasta was  good. You can see bits of chorizo pasta and a generous parmesan cheese on top. The serving was just right for two people who had a heavy afternoon snack. And more because AC was able to take home 1/3 of the order lol

kesong puti salad P198.24; salad vinegar on the side

This was the waiter's suggestion and he did not let me down. The kesong puti was deep fried with bread crumbs, it was crunchy and tasty. I was expecting it to be salty but it's not. The salad vinegar really blends well with the kesong puti and fresh veggies. I like that the veggies were all fresh. We finished everything including the vinegar haha

I will take DH here next time and will take a clearer picture. The picture above were taken with AC's iPhone. AC, you are a life saver!