Finally, a candle to blow and a cake to eat from Hizon's and Estrel's!

My, oh, my! The party has just started! It seems like I will be celebrating the whole month of May lol I tell you, with good family and friends around, who is counting! I say enjoy and live a happy life!

celebrators that night

cake from Hizon's bakeshop

We had shabu-shabu hot pot that night. And a whole lot of seafood! 

DH and I

my cake from my yogi, RAM

CKL and her family with cake from Estrel's bakeshop

We bought our very own Hizon's cake. It's our favorite! Little did we know that RAM will be bringing individual birthday cake from Estrel's bakeshop. We love her for being thoughtful! Thank you!

our group in our seemingly now smaller dining area

girls only picture

candle blowing time

cutting our cakes

One more week and May is over! But hopefully the party will never stop lol