New Find: Pink Pepper Restaurant & Lounge Bar

My visit: April 16, 2010

Pink Pepper
2F Il Terrazo
Tomas Morato,
Quezon City

It has been awhile since AC, GE and I have seen each other. Sure, AC and I are often each other's house guest and GE and I see to it that we have lunch over the holidays to catch up. It's about time that the three of us have the opportunity to get together just like the old times!

We quickly found a table upon entering as only a few tables were occupied.

 fried potato wedge PhP70

 tomato and mozzarella salad PhP360

The salad and the potato wedges were the only two dishes that we can give our thumbs up to. I like the "kesong puti" on my salad and even the pesto as a dressing.

 buffalo wings Php360

Sad to say, the buffalo wings tasted just not right. We were only able to eat it because we were all so hungry. Our orders didn't come out in succession.

We have to return/ cancel the oysters so it was not included in our bill. First, it smelled awful. Second, the name of the dish is called trio something. The menu clearly stated that there are three kinds of shells, we only got two kinds, see the above photo. Third, we were not even informed of the changes or the lack of the third shell.

mixed grilled meat PhP580

Don't get me started on this order, the meat is not even tender. We were not able to finish the order and nobody wanted to take it home lol BTW, the rice remained untouched.

me, GE and AC at Starbucks

Buti nalang, Starbucks saved our night!