Celebration at Laya Personal Dining Experience!

My visit: May 2, 2010

Laya Personal Dining Experience
Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision

I had to convince DH to drive all the way to Antipolo for lunch during my birthday. Thanks to the Mayweather-Mosley bout, the streets were virtually empty. We have reached the venue with map in hand in just under an hour. Whew!

The doors were open and no one was manning it. We reluctantly went in.

What I am wearing:
Celine dress
Suki shoes
Nine West bag
accessories: pearls from Boracay

we eventually transferred to this spot

Initially, we were seated overlooking the pool but decided to transfer because the sun's heat was aiming straight at us.
with Ms. Irene Tan- Gurango and Chef Ricci Gurango

It was Ms. Irene Gurango who approached us as we were climbing our way up the stairs. She cheerfully greeted and extended her hands welcoming us. She lead us to our table and served us a refreshing LAYA signature Pandan iced tea.

 with our bottomless LAYA signature Pandan Iced tea

I don't know how many glasses of Pandan Iced tea we drank that day. It was too hot and the drink was so refreshing... not too sweet!

I also had the opportunity to take a look inside their kitchen where the main action takes place.

 A menu was handed to us.  It was Irene who personally informed us that we could interchange or combine the day's two set menu. We decided to stick to our reservation of steak and salmon. We're so full at the end of the meal. Burp!

skewered melon and cherrie tomato with pesto sauce

Above dish was not included on the menu but nonetheless served to us. With Irene carefully explaining what each dish is called and how to eat it.

Thai Bites Trio: shrimp and chicken wanton bag with thai sweet chili; kaffir lime pork in lettuce wrap; crab rangoon with spicy mango dip

new style cappucino with thai tom kha with gingered chicken mini skewers and mushrooms

I couldn't really describe how this dish taste. I was a bit hesitant to have a bite or even taste the soup. But curiosity got the best of me. I took a bite of the chicken which was already at room temperature. DH suggested to take out the skewered chicken and put it back in the steaming soup. I was now able to  taste the chicken and a little of the soup. The soup was a bit sour but I could not stop myself from sipping the soup eventhough I was perspiring already. The restaurant is al fresco.

mixed greens with summer fruits in citrus mango vinaigrette

I love the veggies not like the one I ate in UCC Trinoma. It's all fresh and not wilted. And this has two varieties.

cleansing my palate with homemade ginger lychee sorbet 

grilled US hanging steak with spiced crushed potatoes with trio of sauces- red wine & rosemary sauce, peppercorn gravy and red curry cream

DH and I both agreed that the peppercorn gravy matches the steak. The red curry cream is off. And the red wine & rosemary sauce is too diluted to be considered a sauce.

cashew crusted ginger honey with saffron cashew rice pilaf

At first DH was a bit disapointed because the salmon was deep fried. But when he tasted this dish, he commented that it's good. He even shared and asked me to have a taste of it. I am not a salmon person but this dish has been tweaked and now it actually gave me an idea on how to cook salmon differently. I usually just put butter and onion on top of my salmon.

milk chocolate and apple dumplings with mantecado ice cream and cinnamon sugar

I always have room for dessert. I so love this that I even ate DH's half lol

thank you, LAYA!

The owners were so sweet. At the beginning of our course, Irene asked us if we were celebrating anything that day. DH told her that it's my birthday! They came up with a complimentary dessert with my name written on the side. Lovely, isn't it?

Eversince I tasted the kesong puti at Cafe Mary Grace, it has been a favorite of mine. I look out for it on the menu wherever I went. And as if the chef knew, he made a kesong puti turon style.

I was not able to drink my tea as I was already sweating from the afternoon sun. Good thing, DH didn't wear his long sleeved shirt or he would have been toasted lol Irene apologized profusely because it's only their first summer running the place. I suggested installing a mist and that it might be of great help. The weather would be cool at night but I would not recommend going there at night if it's your first time. You might get lost or miss the sign going in the village just like what happened to us in broad daylight.

LAYA is celebrating their first anniversary this coming weekend of May! For the same rate of PhP750 per pax net, you can avail of their 12 course menu. Call them now! BTW, be sure to bring cash, no credit card available yet ; (