Northern Living... The Lifestyle Guide of Metro North!

F-R-E-E! So, did I catch your attention? Only 20 pages but packed with information like Northern Buzz, Northerners, Fashion Scene, Northern Eats, Beauty Board and Northern Scene.

Northern Buzz features what's hot and fresh in the metro. Northern Scene features the latest trends in shoes, bags and clothing. Northern Eats tackles new restaurants and recommend its specialty while Beauty Board suggests and gives tip on make up. 

Liezl Martinez

I especially like the On The Cover articles. Northern Living gives space to Liezl Martinez on their April issue and Donita Rose in their March issue. 

Liezl Martinez talks about her triumph with her recent bout with cancer, on her strength and her new lease of life. 

Donita Rose 

Donita Rose shares her life after marriage, the changes brought about having a son and her future plans.

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